Lowongan Kerja PT Holcim Indonesia, Holcim's core businesses include the manufacture and distribution of cement, and the production, processing and distribution of aggregates (crushed stone, gravel and sand), ready-mix concrete and asphalt. The company also offers consulting, research, trading, engineering and other services.

Holcim is a global company employing some 80,000 people, with production sites in around 70 countries. With a market presence on every continent, Holcim is more globally spread than any other building materials group, allowing us to create a strong foothold in each individual market, and providing stable earnings for the Group.

Aiming to keep a balanced portfolio, Holcim's business strategy is based on continuous growth in both developed economies and emerging, high-growth markets, where around three-quarters of our operational capacity, accounting for almost half of the Group's net sales, is based.

Now open lowongan kerja for following position as :

OPI Coach (Internal Management Consultant HR area)

Location : Corporate - Mobile

Scope of works:
  • OPI runs in 2-4 unit areas in each wave and it is being rolled out to company wide. Each wave takes 8 months from start to completion. Usually two (2) unit areas are under responsibility by one (1) OPI lead coach. The position is to provide leadership, support & control of the OPI program and practices in unit areas under his or her responsibility.
  • The role is to act as an INTERNAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT and a coach to help unit area managers/leaders improve their unit performance, identify and capture the cost saving or revenue generation opportunity in line with diagnostic finding conducted at the beginning of the wave.
  • At the same time, OPI coach is responsible for the People Capability development on OPI system, process, tools, and practices. He or she also helps OPI manager to develop strategic plan to ensure sustainability.

Education: University or College graduation (S1)

* Three (3) years experience in implementing HR strategic management initiative improvement at Supervisor level with good track record
* Have exposure in different working unit areas
* Project management understanding

Computer literacy:
* Advance in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Words and Visio.
* Capable in one of Project Management tools.

* Good command of English, both oral & written

Other qualification / skills:
* Preferably completed 2 Project Management Cycle in different business areas: Assessment/Feasibility Study, Approval, Design Development, Testing, Execution and Evaluation, for each project.
* Preferably has skill in one of Strategic Management Execution: Balance Scorecard, Business Process Improvement and any other Management System methodology.
* Strong business acumen skill with profit orientation
* Have exposure in various industries
* Strong analytical and problem solving skill
* Able to deal with hectic situation, especially with executive level
* Proficient negotiation skill
* High working flexibility
* Strong tenacity

If you meet lowongan kerja criteria above, send it to :

Organization Performance Improvement
[email protected]
cc: [email protected]

Please put the title in the email subject.