PT. Sarana Baru Mitra Abadi (SBMA), Company fully engaged in the human resources outsourcing, Manpower Supply, Training, Human Resources Consultant and Event Management. This company was founded in 2009 as an observer of interest and the needs of companies and employees with the process of recruitment, development and Retention of potential employees which function of the potential human resources

Global conditions that are not easier create a strategy company with a restructuring, efficiency and competition the more stringent, giving a very big challenge to the human resources.

PT. Sarana Baru Mitra Abadi (SBMA), not only focus on the skill of human resource management course, but the most concern is with the characters more human resources and have a firm understanding of the business enterprise where they work to create sense of belonging jobs. Developing soft skills and hard skills for human resources is considered to be the service company PT. Sarana Baru Mitra Abadi (SBMA) which not only how to minimize the company risk but also receive added value when joining with a partner PT. Baru Mitra Abadi (SBMA) company's efficiency, especially.

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PT. Sarana Baru Mitra Abadi
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Sidoarjo - Jawa Timur - Indonesia
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